An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

Read the whole thing, well said! I definitely used pokevision all the time. Why not? Pokevision was not cheating, it was fulfilling a role the developers couldn't get right from the get-go: tracking. Its meant to be part of the game, it’s not an unfair advantage. Plus you still gotta get up and physically go to where the pokes are spawning right? Its not like it teleports you to them or catches them for you!

Niantic cares about one thing above all: Money. That much is obvious, they didn't make the game not turn a profit. That is fair, it makes sense. But why not at least make an effort to communicate meaningfully to your community of players? Don’t hide behind a wall of silence like some shadowy corporate overlord. I know there are a LOT of players and it would be impossible to relate to all of them personally but at least give us some update info occasionally.

Oh and Niantic, stop making the pokeballs curve on their own. Also quit programming certain pidgeys/weedles/caterpies/ratattas to just break and run no matter what the player does. This kinda crap is the stuff that ruins Free To Play games and gives no incentive to actually support the developers. Its shady and underhanded and completely takes advantage of people who are not great at games. It makes them frustrated and they feel like they just have to buy pokeballs. It takes advantage of people being lazy, which they usually are, knowing full well some folks will just buy pokeballs rather than actually walk around and hit the pokestops over and over. Its kinda shameful and insulting in this day and age of digital entertainment to rely on these tactics. How can I support the devs through in game purchases for those sweet lucky eggs and incenses when I don’t RESPECT them??

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