Meeting with Mentor to seek advice

I email my mentor to seek bits of advice for my career. I had an amazing experience, getting the positive and very sincere suggestions.

She was very cooperative, listen my whole story, giving me the suggestions and pieces of advice according to my situation. I had a long discussion with her, exploring all the opportunities for my career. It was difficult for me to choose the path for my career but she really help me a lot in choosing the best possible path for my career.

I am planing to do MS(CS) along my job. It’s the decision that I made with the mutual concern of my mentor. Doing MS will further broad my thinking about computer science and will broad my view for the business which is my ultimate goal.

Getting advice from the mentor is simply awesome. It gave me confidence that I am doing great and the path I choose is the best option among all available options. I am grateful to my mentor Ma’m Iram for her precious time and Thank You Amal to encourage to me to take help from others. Thanks!