Fabulous & Gris

Sami Ben Hassine
Nov 6 · 3 min read

We concluded our investigation and included a statement from one of our designers. We consider this as a mistake that we proceeded to fix as soon as we heard rather than something we did with the goal of hurting.

The video in question is an intro video that we already removed. We realize that one of our designers made a mistake and have included a story of how this happened below. We’re keeping their name anonymous as we don’t want them to take the toll of this all on their own. No one wants this for any person.

Fabulous is a rich universe and a work of personal love. We really hope that this storm that had fallen upon us today won’t cause irremediable damage to everything we’ve been building for the past few years.

I can assure you that in our 5y of existence, we always tried to do the right thing as it’s part of our mission and how we see ourselves. This has been one mistake we didn’t even know we were making and was certainly an inspiration pushed a bit far.

We have a character wearing a cap, inspired by “Monument Valley” and “Journey” named Amber that was part of fabulous since its launch 5 years ago. It’s mentioned a few times below.

Statement from our designer

“I’m sure you must know by now about the scandal on twitter of Fabulous -specifically me- ripping off a game called “Gris” and copying it in “The Hero Journey” animation.

I am not denying any of the above but I would like to explain myself because I owe this to you since my mistake has affected the whole team.

When I was about to start the animation, I told our design lead. that I was gonna get inspired from a game called “Gris” for the animation. He never played the game, so he gave me the OK for “getting inspired”.

I took the word “inspired” way too far.

I fully realize that I ripped off the game now, but in the animation process that wasn’t my intention at all. AT ALL. I was so amazed by the game animation, especially of the character’s cape that looks so much like Amber’s cape and I had no idea back then how to animate her cape (cloth animation is one of the hardest things to do), so I played the game cinematic over and over and over again to grasp the cape mechanics.

For the opening scene (Amber in the big hand) that looks like Gris opening scene, I liked the scene so much and thought it would fit perfectly into the Hero Journey animation so I did something similar to it with no intention to do so.

Then, the cape movements, I did something similar with the same mistake in mind: I was only referring to the cape mechanics.

I took things way too far and what I thought I was managing got slipped out of my control without me even noticing.

Our lead designer had no idea about that since he, like I said, didn’t play the game. I am the only person responsible for this catastrophe.

As a content creator, I am ashamed that I ended up copying someone else’s hard work, and believe me this is the first time that I know of this has happened to me.”

End of statement

Once again, I do hope that everyone realizes that this can happen. We are all humans. We all make mistakes. We’re all trying to create beautiful, evocative art and to contribute to the greater good each in our own way. Along the road, you’re going to make mistakes.

We tried to react as swiftly as possible to cause the least harm for everyone involved.


Sami Ben Hassine

Written by

Experiments in Life Design, Editor at Fabuleuse vie : http://fabuleusevie.com. PaCTE Tunisien Co-founder : http://pactetunisien.com

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