Some of the Most Comforting and Supporting Messages I’ve Received

During the month in the hospital before my dad passed away, I was hopeful, angry, sad, and confused. I didn’t understand why friends and family weren’t reaching out. I was angry at them for not saying anything, but I was also confused because, to me, it meant the friendships that I thought were so strong, weren’t.

The lack of responses from those who I held so close in my heart made me question myself. What did they think of me? Did I see myself as a friend differently than how they saw me as a friend? Were my friendships really just acquaintanceships?

In the two weeks since my dad’s death, but mostly just in this past week, I’ve let go of that anger and frustration. I’m hurt, yes, but I understand it’s incredibly difficult. There are no right words in situations of loss, and some people have never had to deal with loss.

I’m hoping that by sharing the messages that have meant the most to me, someone somewhere will find reaching out in times like this a little less difficult. There are no right words, but words are better than silence.