The Flying Riddle

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Gone with the wind, am I in the sky?

You envy me, because I can fly!

You want me to stop, you call me sly,

As I glide away, all you can do is sigh!

Fearless I am, faster than light,

You try to stop me, with all your might!

Increase my worth, only when the end is nigh,

The ones who don’t value me, stop, why should I?

In cities grand, perched atop that edifice so high,

Yet I am omnipresent, I can fly!

Priceless, even the richest can’t buy,

Lose me once, and I will make you cry,

The wise, they say, use me well,

Look no further, the tabletop, on that wall, I dwell,

Round and round, my flight-path is clockwise,

Generous man gave me wings, he said, ‘Time flies!’