Life, Science and Humanity

This piece is for technology companies by their request. Good reading for governments, officials, defense forces, leaders, members of the parliaments, Kings and Queens, and of course the people of the world.

Future of communication — Crime to mute, mimic and forge a human

Our near future in communication depends on individual’s right to choose. The right to choose from being active and getting one’s voice heard, but more importantly to have silence and privacy of mind. In the exponentially increasing amount of information piling up, and the velocity of new data being created, our minds suffer from time to process and understand what is being fed to us. Therefore, in the future communication methods, the right to silence and part from a communication service is essential.

“It should be a crime to mute, mimic by machinery and forge a human appearance — also to force communication without approval of the recipient.”
Sami Leino

Humans evolve steadily from decade to decade. We have adapted to the fast pace of change from a book to a daily, from a web page to a tweet. Now, some of us believe we would need to jump from reading tweets to constant and instant direct messaging to process real-time data.

Invasive methods of communication must be banned worldwide.

Even more threatening are the capabilities of filling up our minds with content in unwanted dosages and volumes. This would be done by direct communication methods, without technical instruments such as a cell phone. With these technologies the sender, such as service provider, also becomes a receiver of anyone’s personal matters, intentions and passwords nullifying privacy. All this may become the the mind of mimicry, where one may become anyone with help from technology. This is done by forging voice, video imagery and the intent to do something. These measures enclose quickly towards various science fiction movies. If these measures are proliferated to masses without control, the world will drive itself to chaos in weeks if not days.

Freedom to communicate

The most important matter is to have freedom to choose to connect and disconnect as one wishes. Without these essential pieces listed below in this letter, our lives become ruined and minds distorted from facts. In such a world, a say, a message, video, audio, figures and lies of anything of the previous all intertwine into false hope of life. We are entering the era of competition of mind systems; where essential pieces are geopolitical weighting, resources of talent, technical capabilities and determination. These elements need to be closely monitored to prevent acts against human rights and humanity itself.

Motives and outcomes

We can question the motives of some leading individuals. False motives in our global security system, where specific individuals reflect disturbing behavior, cause some of the meanest and most cruel criminals roam out wild. The wrongful activity towards our own residents in cities and suburbs suffer from problems in behavior created by lasering their heads with specific frequencies.

No individual should be freely exploited with microwave, infrared, and laser weapons of today.

The motives in some boardrooms, disrupt the world security environment in steady pace. These weapons are a combination of medical and warfare technology. They are against humanity rather than any kind of preventative force towards terrorist attacks. Low energy magnetic wave weaponry, blended with PET-scanning, and manipulation of brain functionality have provided rogue access to one’s mind.

The first signs of rogue brain-jacking have appeared as brain alteration is taking off as a measure of thought control in the intelligence community to gather larger studies of citizens. The global reach to browse through us all is disgusting. Regardless of some technologies having been accessible for decades, the blend of old and new technologies — scanning and beaming magnetic weapons hanging from drones, connected to artificial intelligence enticed supercomputers, create a major threat to mankind.

Commercial exploitation of privacy

The threat for humankind once rose from nuclear weapons. Today, our social lives are in danger as the uncontrolled information and media flow is forced as constant feed to our brains. This is performed by isolated rogue groups in government resourced operations.

Our privacy is in great danger. Information deriving from brain transparency and from magnetic wave weaponry, mind manipulation, and exploitative means of human intent, reveals our next “thought” and therefore “intention” to act on something, such as a purchase. This is needs to banned by law.

The officials in some countries, or parts of them, may want to take the next step to prevent crime. This will be done by monitoring our thoughts and overseeing who is to do what. These measures may be seem to be noble for some, but we must never have the opportunity to access the combination of medical devices and modern day weapons to control our lives.

Such acts of combining medial arts and technology systems should be against the Geneva Convention and Human Rights Agreed by The United Nations.

Challenges in future communication

Authentication — how do we authenticate someone being the physical and mentally (voice, password, etc.) individual? Their voice is today forged to the level no machine can differ. This means, that our legal systems cannot verify who is the origin or crime, and therefore cannot judge who is responsible of their actions. Therefore, no one cannot be prosecuted and judged as there are no actions to prove someone did something.

That anyone is judged for any offense randomly. With video forgery, the concept of evidence is disrupted and blended with systems of mimicry. Anyone can be presented to display and commit any act, causing our justice systems to first weaken, and possibly collapse.

Brain jacking

Some people in government offices are forced to an investigation by a creation of a lie detector that combines PET-scanning, contrast agent, drone technology, artificial intelligence, super computers, intelligence files and Google search. The program continues to a state where one could think of any person and get instantly their details to my mind as a thought. Plans to widen the human transparency testing from an organisation to organisation needs to be stopped, and stopped from being commercialized.

When we allow technology to copy one’s mind, people in charge steal inventions from right top of out heads, control who buys what brand of diapers (U.S. household goods providers) and what kind of a car should be bought. There should be strict laws with heavy penalties to ban any such exploitative means of human mind.

Interfaces of communication

If we need new kinds of swift communication methods they need to be in the lines of dental microphones that people already use in some circles. There, one has the opportunity to remove the microphone and enjoy sleep and spare time. However, some argue that a direct communication would be convenient.

Invoking the connection — a direct connection can be invoked by thinking and individual, human, pet, building, car, weather station. These first amusing functions cause problems, as a human thinks all kinds of thoughts. If this propels unwanted information into one’s mind, the day becomes distracted, eventually ending in lots of information but lagging the ability to execute.

Selecting recipients, delivering messages, search, closing the connection are all vital in the system of unwanted information but should work in such manner that they cannot be broken into. Here, we drive ourselves to the wall, as there is always someone exploiting the rules of ethics in information technology, while balancing between fear and greed in their lives.

Closing the account

Before it was important to have a say. Liberty and freedom to roam streets of our cities. Now we need to add the right to have silence and closing the channel of information flow. Freedom, liberty, voice, and silence fight the perils of failed authentication and forged voice and synthetic visuals.

Everyone needs to have the opportunity to close any communicational connection but also the right have to their say.

There needs to be ethics committees in corporations and governments, not only humming along the options and share programs, but to enact and report illegal activities of binding medical instruments and warfare. We need to ban and regulate these methods, technologies and systems, and therefore choose life.

Paris 1st. July 2017,

Sami Leino