Why Trump Wins in 150 days

Published 31st May 2016

Taxpayers make investments into democracy by deciding leaders, who guide by legislature the board decisions in corporations and companies of all sizes. Executive rewards became the norm of Reagan’s 1980’s. These rewards degraded the Americanized western dream from the middle-class — which resulted as the outsourced production to lower-cost countries such as Mexico.

Why Trump Wins in 150 Days. Published 31st May 2016

Companies have Democracies should not penalize company boards by keeping an abundance of cash outside the reach of internal revenue collection, as these have been created by inventive business maneuvers through-out the world by keep an abundance of cash outside the reach of internal revenue collection. Government guidance is not socialism; it is control of your well-being in the global race of nations. Either accept the big picture, and act accordingly, or lose more jobs. In the wake of board sought compensation to maxi-size the returns for their short-term investments, American and European manufacturing is nearing a stalled state not to profit from anything smaller in size of a horse.

The middle-class, that knits a society together, is essential to maintain lower crime rate that prevents us from anarchy and feeds constant consumer demand for the economy. The ones whose jobs are outsourced offshore become frustrated in their diaper-changing, career-stalling, fading economic dream. With today’s average savings of just $5000 by mid-thirties, the next generation in charge have no houses with pools and open-top cars in sight. The betrayed, from their perspective, are unable to create the level of living that they seemingly had and were introduced by their parents.

Despite one’s view of party and politics, American manufacturing was near-shored to low-cost countries, or taken across oceans, depending on product line. High price-point goods such as iPhones are designed in the U.S. but built by ill-treated factory workers of China. Home-grown manufacturing and related mass production skill-set have bled itself to death since late 1970’s when Made in Hong Kong echoed inexpensive goods, it now stands for wealth and luxury apparel. Made in China is mass production everything, while Invented in China is bred in the minds of Peking’s western educated advisories. In the meantime, manufacturing gains territory in tiger economies, Vietnam and Indonesia of Southeast Asia, while China builds a league of vassals from African countries.

Insourcing — the era of robotic produced abundance and 3D-manufacturing, are still some years away. With less workforce and someone investing and owning the robots, the demand of workforce will require higher skill-set, lifelong learning and reskilling, than traditional manufacturing. At least, production would be done in-house regardless of risk from automation becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Just look at Scandinavia — a group of like-minded societies — produce skilled people in vast quantities with top-tier education systems. Education is key to out-innovate in the global race for success, not only for America but the West as a whole.

For months, we have read, heard and seen debate and discussion on the main street news, both downgrading and evading the fact of Donald Trump’s factual opportunity in the upcoming election. The decision America makes will have an effect on the planet as a whole, even Russia and China, regardless of their public denial. Just as the Trump solution is a mental state of mind, a sports performance is both physical and mental fervor, the spirit from Los Angeles and Seoul to London Olympics. Winning in sports equals performance of an economy, a belief to advance further, building future for a nation. This ups the nation state brand that gain positive attention in the eyes of institutional lenders, lowering interest rates and tension in international markets.

The West had a big win in late 80’s from the former eastern bloc. What followed was procrastination of 1990’s, losing vigilance resulting in setbacks of 2001, with an economic crash landing of 2008 and soul searching, resulting to a drifting charity of West in 2010’s. Massive security breaches from leading brands resulted in heavy losses of personal information leaked to rogue arts. The masses of information outside American borders, unfold a self-assembling map of relations — a maze of who-knows-who. This stolen data of your cubs, family, relatives, colleagues, companies, states, financial institutions and even military personnel, offer an open pair of French doors to further influence into your living room.

Scared one’s state, this is populism. No. This is snail-mail from the forgotten, turned into map of votes in November of 2016. It is one thing to say stuff to get people’s attention, another, to make things happen, and a third for devalued-family-shares to just keep declining. The heartland housewife, the mom-of-three and the representative of evangelical values, vote for a male as the head-of-household. For them, Hillary is an elitist incrementalist. The Donald a momentum gaining heavy-hitter, that even Megyn Kelly surrendered to, as the winning ticket?

Emotions aside, social capitalism met capitalism with Bernie Sanders, just as masses call for Donald Trump, The President Trump, in 2017.

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