Asset Northern Star in Thanisandra Road, Bangalore

With high-tech infrastructure, International Airport, bet connectivity and IT enterprises, North Bangalore has developed into the highly significant investment area — not just in Bangalore but in the entire country. Real estate prices in the area have observed exponential development & have reached levels that are not within attain of lots of residence seekers who are in search of “reasonable luxury”. We recognize this gap and by way of scrupulous planning engraved a residence that will address this position segment.

It is a merge of a developed atmosphere and comfort as it is a residence for the matures as well as brood. Asset Arcadia is the effect of a quantity of the best architectures, brilliant engineers and very well taught town planners who have had immense experiences in founding a finer average in the property in the past. It is positioned near well recognized residential region which has close nearness to hospitals, schools, shopping malls and the metro station. Asset Northern Star Bangalore ties to all important parts of the metropolis, particularly South Bangalore, and it is also very suitable for the IT experts.

Asset Northern Star proffers in a range of developed areas. Asset Builder is identified for their top-notch interior and exterior designs and structural design; Asset Northern Star has fruitfully combined console with luxury very well in each apartment. The most excellent location requirement of Asset Northern Star is its surroundings. The surroundings adjacent the scheme is calm and peaceful, and it fetches a healthy knowledge to a healthier life. It is situated further than noise and air fumes and the simple connectivity to the roads and the capability of simple transportation as of this location is a massive plus for the scheme on top of it will be for the residents.


Transparency is a society at Asset Builders. Devotion to values, an extended -term vision as well as a force to put out to a gigantic dream- all these makes us a worldwide except for our contemporaries. Confirmed to provide exceptional in the predetermined time, we have now appeared as one of the fundamental relied on builders and real estate developers within a petite span. Even nowadays, as this knowledge goes on, we’re pleased that our residing concepts are altering into your assets for a life span

It takes a burly foundation for a company to come out as single of the trusted developers in the congested property scenario in Bangalore. Digressing from common residing-resolution providers, we completed fine supremacy over numbers. As well, we respected the dreams and preferences of our buyers so much above the standard recurring designs. We didn’t put up, we constructed to last.

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