Are you a designer, or just a facilitator?

Excellent question which needs to be asked. In my experience it’s a mixed bag. I think the key to succeed is to have the right workshops with right people. This is quite obvious but easier said than done, especially in a large corporate setting.

What happens in a workshop or a session done right is co-creation. And at best, co-creation is a process where designer is more of a catalyst than a sole author. We’re the medium for all the ideas, hopes and fears surrounding the project. We work with people whose knowledge and point of view matters to the direction and success of the work, and use design thinking as a craft to frame and interpret the workshop outcomes in a best way possible.

so…Design thinking both as a craft, act of design, and as a set of tools to help everyone familiarize, empathize and immerse themselves into the context. Two very distinctive intents, which are at best mutually supportive.

Make sense?

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