The Secret to WREN’s Viral First Kiss

So by now, you’ve probably watched the first kiss video that has been going seriously viral. It’s become clear that the video was actually a marketing move from fashion brand WREN.

The pure stylistic simplicity was striking, a smart way to capture the audience’s imagination .

Blowing big budget productions out of the water in terms of viewership speaks to the power of universal experience. Human realism quite simply cuts through the noise we’re normally faced with. Even though it was staged, the tension created by two strangers kissing is palpable and familiar. Aren’t we all strangers in the moment we first kiss…

The success of this video is part of an ongoing trend towards authenticity facilitated by new media forms. We are hungry for culture that touches us.

You can see authenticity present in other ways in the world of high fashion — it’s now the norm to follow your favourite stylists and models on social media. The most prolifically successful of whom would be made in England Miss Cara Delevigne, who despite living a high-octane rock star life still keeps it real in her messaging. Her success on social media, turning her into a household name and supermodel, prompted her agency to run social media strategising with new models recruits.

However my favourite trend has to be featuring older models for fashion campaigns. I randomly sat opposite a very beautiful Swedish lady on the tube who told me she was working. When I asked her what she did, she said she was a model. Ahh I sighed, as it should be. Then stumbled across her on & Other Stories (she is just as beautiful in real life). It’s high time we embrace female beauty at each phase of life, especially as wisdom can only be earned, youth happens to us all! Real beauty wins.