What if Millennials are like everyone else?

Adweek’s recent exposé on Millennial spending habits that, god forbid, they’re like everyone else resonated on a level.

To be honest, I find many articles that position Millennials being really “different” are echoing an author’s personal concern. Or more specifically, age old tensions between different generations. Especially when it comes to assigning labels such as entitled, listless, lazy, narcissistic and the like. These attributes could just be signs of unconscious youth that many people express, ya’know?

Environment is the only thing that really changes people. So Millennials may be a little different because they’re digitally native. Youth in the sixties would have different habits to those in the thirties, considering what they did — one generation simply went to the seaside and another by plane to Spain. Of course that effects worldly perspective and possibilities therein.

Some differences are just human, maybe more simply put, animal. I’m sure young cubs display bedeviled marks of youthful exuberance, in the same way Lions learn limits to protect the pack.

But perhaps then the most interesting thing about generational trends are the individuals that defy them. People who maintain their inner youth until the day they die. That is really inspiring.

And that’s a very good approach for business leaders and brands too. After all change is the only constant. And as Steve Jobs said, if you don’t cannabalize yourself someone else will. Maybe that’s an unpalatable truth, or a daring challenge when imbued with the fearless spirit of youth. An attitude like that cuts across the ages.