What they didn’t Teach you in School

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The purpose of school is to prepare you for the real world, right? Let’s see how good a job it’s doing on that front.

How much of what you learnt in school is useful to you now?

When was the last time you used chemical equations? Calculus? Topography of a foreign country? The truth is, the body of human knowledge was much smaller when school courses were designed. And they haven’t changed much just because of inertia — not because those concepts are still important to everyone.

How much of what you need in life isn’t taught in school?

Were you taught how to learn? Or how important it is to be learning continuously? Did you know that the most successful people are learning machines?

You were taught how to get a job. But were you taught how would you excel in it? Did you know that doing what you say you will is one of the rarest and most valuable trait to have?

And were you taught how to manage the money that you’d suddenly start earning? Did you know that paying yourself before you pay others is the easiest way to create assets?

Relationships are one of the most important aspects of life. How much were you taught about it? Did you know that the best way to diffuse tension in an argument with your significant other is to become silent?

What about health? Did you know that the easiest way to stay fit is to play a sport or do an activity you really enjoy?

And Happiness? Did you know that no matter what you do, you always return to a baseline level of happiness?

There are, of course, a limited amount of things that a school can teach. And there are too many important things for everyone to know to waste time on things that aren’t useful.

But the good news is that it’s not too late. You can learn these things even now.

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