I believe that the human centered design process enables highly complex and regulated industries like healthcare to build better products/services.

Human centered design thinking grounds itself in a few foundational principles, including: spend equal if not more time understanding the problem you are trying to solve; identify and deeply understand your user; and make sure your user is involved along the product development pathway. A design-thinker must embody a few mindsets, including, a beginner’s mind, a bias-towards action, and support radical collaboration.

Over the years design thinking has led to innovation in otherwise stagnant industries and has carved out a place for itself in healthcare. The human centered design process promises seemingly wild claims — improved patient engagement, changing behavior, designing products that have higher compliance, etc. However, when health systems implement this process or hire consultants to do it for them, it results in beautiful decks, frameworks and conceptual ideas that never really see the light of day. …

Samira Daswani

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