Gokarna Scouting

The Temple town is about 800mts away from Manju’s place. The market is rich.
A rainy morning from the tent
The Vibhuti waterfalls and Yana Caves nearby
Kritika talks a dead snake into undying.
Inside the mystique Yana caves
Hi !! from the scouting team.
There are two caves at Yana
Their kitchen, Music and Barbeque
Some huts and another small hall next door (not offered by Manjunath)
Boats waiting to be taken for fishing
Early Morning: She could have walked for 14 kms all along the 5 beaches, over the cliffs and beyond. Takes around 5–6 hours. We saved the beach trek for the Hackbeach.
Shacks available nearby on rent, for those who don’t want tenting
The Pan view of Om Beach
A team of about 60 people were camping in these camps on the beach
The pan view from the hall
Fridge and Utensils
Standard, Clean Toilets with showers
The local ethnic attire and laid back mornings at the beach. Fishing boats in the sea.
4 Bamboo huts, with toilets, closed because of rain. And the hall.
More about the hall, we can sit on the floor or put chairs. we can also use projector at night.

Photos shared by Manjunath from previous similar events


Tanned: Asish, Kritika and Samir

Let’s make this awesome.