Opportunity Hackathon

Genesis :

I missed out one opportunity because I lazed-off and forgot the last date towards the end.

The biggest reason why people don’t get into YCombinator is because they don’t apply.

Synthesis :

  1. We all need opportunities
  2. Unlimited opportunities are out there. Unapplied for.

Idea Baseline :

Let’s meet up once every week for an Opportunity Hackathon. This could be an addition to Rethink Foundation 's Opportunity Project.


  1. To mark and make time for applying to various opportunities and commit few specific hours every week
  2. To discuss our prior knowledge on the opportunity and understanding their expectations — this helps in a better application
  3. To coach on and review each other’s applications


  1. List of opportunities and their deadline, one ending this week (opcalender and Rethink Foundation reddit boards and wiki + other sources)
  2. An office space (CITTIC or ReThink office or any cafe)

Expected Outcomes :

  1. Not missing deadlines
  2. Applying to more opportunities than one would have, otherwise
  3. Promotion of the event, helps in better and wider outreach for the Opportunity Project
  4. Making more effective use (and organic promotion) of our reddit board

One day full of opportunity hacks.


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