Standing on the sidelines criticizing someone who got involved and tried to make a difference is…
Dan Lennon

Yeah, it’s funny how these cynical interpretations are kind of equal and opposite to rapacious capitalism itself. Neither the severe critic nor the enthusiastic capitalist care to see possible motivations within the free market other than greed. But I do believe that capitalism is at least in part a mind-dependent reality. If all Americans believe that capitalism can only possibly run on greed, then that’s the type of capitalism we’re going to get. But capitalism is not just a force of nature, it’s also a socio-cultural contract.

My two cents: 90% of people who make absurd amounts of money within the system fit this author’s caricature. Which is precisely why it is so much more important to recognize the exceptions for what they are! Musk is exceptional. He weathered the hullabaloo over staying on the council back when it had the worst optics, back when Kalanick buckled, and then he left when he realized that he could not make a positive difference doing so. But I don’t know the guy, so I can say for sure.

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