Sometime last year in one of the sales campaign with my team I met with a young dynamic executive from a major institution. The meeting started with a bright note as this executive had a previous delightful experience with our product at his past employer. As we get along in the meeting and trying to understand his business objectives it became clearer that he had a project that we can work together.

He was looking at exploring technological choices for the platform and we were one of the players. The question that he put across in the first meeting was putting us direct against one of our competitions. This was a very valid question, “Tell me how you differentiate yourself against vendor XYZ that we are using for several years”. While this is a very broad question and often doesn’t get asked in the first meeting, it’s a very important one and an attempt of addressing it then and there is usually futile. …

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Last week of every year is a very interesting time, on one side you want to reflect on things you have achieved personally and professionally on the other you are putting a framework for the next year (in other words the dreaded new year resolutions). This post is about reflections of the year 2019 and it’s a special one as it’s also the end of a decade as we usher into 2020.

This year has been significant in so many ways professionally, I completed the 5 years milestone in June this year with Nutanix and the company completed it’s 10th. Yeah, a decade of existence and the fastest growing infrastructure and enterprise cloud company of the decade. …

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The rising moon: Cost of delayed decisions

In late August I was in Las Vegas with thousands of other Nutants (Nutanix employees) and partners for the company’s annual sales kick-off (SKO). …


Samir Roshan

A technical leader with an extensive large company and entrepreneurial/startup enterprise IT experience. Dreamer | Learner | Yoga | Food | Music | Cricket

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