Materialistic Relationships

This article is based on a survey I conducted. A few days back the sample size was though not very big but I found a substantial evidence of something being similar. The most common thing that a girl wants from a boy is “Time”

Well it seems pretty obvious that she would want his presence but it again on the other hand makes the fact clear that the boy doesn’t give the girl time.So he spends his time in other things. The question here is why can’t the girl aim for doing other things as well. Another interesting thing noticeable was the girls who were actually serious about their careers had pretty out of the ordinary answers. Their dependency tendency was very low . The fact here is not to make the girls look small but to bring out the solution to the bigger problem.Women certainly need to find their interests and passion. A woman who is self sufficient doesn’t need time from a man . What she needs is just his company and his support. The less the dependency the more the relationship will be better . The previous statement might have many disagreements, but it is the truth. This is how it should be for women. You want respect from him ? Learn to respect yourself. Thats how women can get out of this materialistic line of thought.

Relationships are always a debateable topic to talk about. . I merely presented my idea on the basis of some facts I gathered and some deductions. There might be differences but what I believe is looking into the problem deeply.Everyone might find the similar solutions.

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