Technologists love to disrupt other industries. We’ve got app-first banking, self-driving trains, one-click vacuum cleaners, and Blockchain-powered cats, all because a technologist wasn’t satisfied with the status quo.

The only industry we’re scared of disrupting is our own.

There’s something about programmers that makes us incredibly conservative when it comes to programming. My text editor of choice, Spacemacs, is a nice skin on top of a 40-year-old one, I can’t live without my repository of shell scripts, and if it weren’t for GIFs of Izzy 🐶, I’d abandon Slack in a heartbeat.

Clinging to the past definitely has some downsides…

End clickbait.

At Prodo, we believe that software development isn’t about managing imports, configuring Webpack, or maintaining Kubernetes clusters.

We believe that allowing developers to focus on high-level tasks allows them to be more productive, more connected, and happier.

There are two kinds of high-level coding work:

  1. Composition: the science of creating a solution to a problem.
  2. Connection: the art of binding together and exposing your compositions in a way that provides value to your consumers.

And then there’s the low-level stuff: configuring our build tools, stepping through a broken component with the debugger, dealing with merge conflicts… you know…

I made a little 2-minute screencast to demonstrate some of Alfie’s features.

In this video, I implement a functional variant of quicksort.

You can play with the final result at

Let me know what you think!

We’ve been iterating on Alfie obsessively for a week and a bit since the last post, and I wanted to share what’s going on.

The most notable update is performance. Advent of Code was a hard lesson for us — Alfie kept choking on running solutions on large inputs. The tracer now operates in constant time (with regards to a single trace), meaning that we can handle data of any size without much bottleneck, and the trace itself is much faster. We’re now about 1.5✕ slower than just running the JavaScript in the browser console, down from WAY_TOO_SLOW.

The home…

We really love Advent of Code, because, well, who doesn’t enjoy solving programming puzzles in the lead-up to the holidays? Except for the first challenge, in which everyone has to set up a new project, with Git, an editor, a test framework, a runner… the usual boring set-up.

Alfie is our latest experiment, proposing a new way to write JavaScript. It’s a more immediate, feedback-driven coding experience, focused on small problems (for now), and we believe it’s the next step towards computers actively helping you to code.

Alfie tells you everything that happens in your code, without you having to…

Samir Talwar

CTO at Prodo.AI. I make machines go beep boop.

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