↑↑↑Keeping it Up↑↑↑

The vision is something solid that is ready to be acted on. And if everything goes as planned, when the government and companies come together to make this vision possible, it’ll be wonderful. The companies who invested in this project will be proud of their involvement in such a great opportunity, as this would not only provide profit to them, alongside benefitting the people living in the vicinity with a new walkable place that they will enjoy visiting on their free time. The walkability of the city will increase from the pretty rate that it holds right now, making the community healthier and observant of the neighborhood. It has a walkability score of 64 (based on walkscore.com), which stands for “some errands can be accomplished by foot”. This is a health-community as is, but providing a place where they HAVE to walk to divulge into the greatness of it will increase it tremendously. That even goes for people who are not residents of Old Ellicott City. People driving up to this part needs to walk from their parking spot to the famous “parking-lot park”. Main St will become more vibrant and lively with more people being out of their homes and coming to this place to hang out, while enjoying the company of other community members and a cup of delicious coffee.

In order to keep this place as vibrant as it will be at its early stages, the future maintenance is something that needs to planned out as well. Since the community is very involved with the upkeep of the town, it can be said confidently, that this close-knit and dedicated community will do its best to contribute to the maintenance of the park. This will be a place where many things won’t need to be checked on often, because some picnic tables and chairs will not need to be cleaned frequently. The only thing that would need to be attended to on a daily basis will be the plants that would occupy the space to provide the people with shade to sit under and fresh oxygen to breathe. This is something that the private company or the local municipality, depending on how much they contribute to this project, will have to decide. Of course, this money will be coming out of everybodies’ taxes if the government is taking care of it, but on the flip side, the community members will be happy to know that they are contributing to this awesome new settlement that they are using consistently. This will also be an annual cost that the local municipality will play a huge role in.

At the end of the day, as the people are using this site more and more, the more people will be willing to pay for this beautiful park. The watch is on!

This give and take system can be the biggest bridge between the private company, government and community
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