As human beings and a nation, we have made tremendous progress from a hundred years ago, whether that be in technology, medicine, or simply in lifestyle. Americans view the world differently today than they used to a decade ago. With these technological advances however, we have realized that the lifespan of our planet will not be long if we continue to utilize all of its resources like we have had in the past. The idea behind a sustainable world is the mere idea that we want this planet to survive for as long as it can and every decision we make at this very moment impacts the future of the planet. The ability to sustain this world for generations to come is important, as it is difficult. One of the greatest challenges is to get the citizens of the world today to stop being selfish and sacrifice some wants or wishes for the benefit of a better tomorrow.

The ability to sustain begins with many of what we can do today. One of the greatest things we can do is improve how we are building on the environment for things such as shelter, business, education, etc. Not a lot has to be sacrificed in order to build a sustainable environment, but it is the ideology of stubborn individuals creating a problem. It is a “bigly” challenge but can be addressed accordingly. People desire to only benefit themselves and their lives today and not think about the consequences their actions will result in tomorrow. Individualism is the problem of the world today, mainly the US. WIth the new president-elect, Donald J. Trump, we may see a huge decline in the progress we have made under President Obama. Starting from energy use, natural resource extraction to denial of the obvious threat of climate change, we need to take certain steps toward sustainability on our own.

Knowledge is a fundamental to solve any problem that emerges. This is vital for all humans to be exposed to as much information as they can possibly retain so they know about their surroundings and the rest of the world. Information is out there and mostly everyone in this advanced country has access to it right at their fingertips. All they need is the will to search and learn more. One of the first things that my mission to spread sustainability is to change the curriculum in public schools to spread the word about what the planet is at risk of. I believe that the earlier kids are taught to be careful about their actions and the consequences of them, the quicker they will learn to take care of the planet. This step begins with parents teaching their kids to learn to use less energy and treat mother nature with respect. However, school is where they learn about the world and starting to talk about what the world will become if we continue to use its resources and build whatever we want and dump all our waste in landfills around the planet from a young age will encourage the children, the future generations, to be more alert about how they can improve this and make the planet a better place for humans, including themselves. This step will help spread awareness of the problems that the world faces, threatening its existence in the future and the more people know about it, the more proactive we, as a whole, can be to prevent such a catastrophe.

The world is in our hands, let’s make it last for the future generations.