Vision — In pictures…

These pictures describe what I would like the parking lot to look like in the upcoming years. This would be great for people of all ages as there would be an abundance of activities from things like the monthly farmer’s market, as well as coffee-shop hangouts. This can be a place people come to with books and sit in the shade of the trees and plants, read in peace while sipping a cup of tea/coffee, while divulging the environment around as well as the community.

The stalls in the back bring economic benefits, the benches provide social opportunity, and the green grass encourages environmental awareness.
The trees around provide fresh oxygen and the movable chairs provide choice of sitting in the sun or the shade
There will be trees planted around the lot so they can grow and provide shade for future generations-Sustainable.
Filled with people with long trees providing shade is what this park will look like in the future
Shaded and beautiful- A reality with this reused space
Great use of the park from the community
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