Thank You

Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a teacher, I would pretend that I had my very own class.

As I began to grow up I held on to the dream I had for being a teacher as long as I could. But unfortunately I met teachers who made it hard for me to keep the dream alive.

I met teachers who I could tell didn’t become teachers because they wanted to make a difference but became a teacher for reasons they can’t remember. I wondered if teachers looking to make a difference still existed.

As the end of my high school years slowly approached I began thinking. Is teaching still for me? I was confused on what it meant to be a teacher anymore. In my mind a teacher was someone who passed on their love for a subject to their students. They instilled knowledge into them while they formed a connection. I needed a sign to reassure me what it meant to be a teacher.

Meeting Ms. McLeod was the only sign I needed, after that suddenly everything became so clear.

Ms. McLeod is the only teacher I have ever had who has thanked me for coming to class. She is one of the only teachers I have ever met who takes time out of her day to make all her students feel appreciated. She has the ability to empathize with her students. She realizes that not everyday is wonderful when life is so unpredictable and yet she always makes us feel important. As if our time was valuable and meant something. She always thanked us for working hard.

She always set an example for her students. When anyone would share their thoughts she showed them nothing but the utmost respect. She didn’t just listen, she acknowledged everyone. If for any reason she couldn’t be in class she took time to apologize to us because she believed if we had to be there she did too.

Teachers sometimes feel that we all have a lot of free time and that our lives are easy. When in reality life can be crazy and stressful. She realized this, and instead of piling more work she helped us,not because she had to, but simply because she wanted to.

Her character is truly amazing and has shown me that caring teachers still do exist. A memory I will never forget is the day she collected our final papers she did something that no other teacher has ever done. She took all the papers in her hand looked at them and then looked at all of us and said Thank you, I appreciate the effort you all put into writing these. Since she was sweet enough to realize how much time and effort we all put into our work she always made sure to dedicate as much time she possibly could to grading our papers in one night.

To me, she is the definition of what it means to be a teacher. She has allowed me to realize why I want to a teacher. I want to be a teacher who cares about her students, inspires them, and one who makes a difference just like her.