Top Ten First Experiences With Your Dog

“A dog is a man’s best friend” That is the most honest statement of all times. A dog is the only creature that stays faithful to you, knows when you’re sad and is always there for you. These canine friends are more than just your friends…they’re your family. They love you for who you are and never take you for granted. What more could one possibly ask for? The very first experiences that one has with their dog are so small yet so special! Let’s take a look at them:

10. The first time your dog does his “business”

This might be a little disgusting for some of you. But for dog owners, it’s a fairly proud moment. Isn’t it? No? It’s just me? Oh…okay then.

9. The first time your dog sees himself in the mirror

This is one of the cutest moments an owner can have with their dog. That moment when your dog first catches a glimpse of their reflection in the mirror, mistakening it to be another dog is something that should be recorded. It really is hilarious!

8. The first time your dog responses to their name

If your dog knows their name, you’re a genius in the dog world! This is one of the very first things that every owner teaches their dog besides potty training. But the moment your dog gets the hang of their name, boom! they become the best dog in your eyes.

7. The first time your dog barks

This has happened to me. On the 23rd of April, (yes I remember the date. It was that important!) My dog, Dobby, barked for the very first time. It doesn’t matter why he barked (I wasn’t playing with him, that’s why) but even this small little thing has so much significance. And boy was that bark loud! It was a very proud moment.

6. The first time you feed your dog

All of the excitement begins when your dog, or rather puppy, smells his food for the first time. You take the bowl and place it in front of him, carefully taking in all his reactions, and then he jumps in the bowl. Literally. That’s what Dobby did the first time we served him some kibble. He just pounced on his food and finished it within five minutes. But oh what a memory!

5. The first time you give your dog a bath

You may face a little difficulty at first, but as soon as your dog gets used to it, he/she and you are sure to have a blast! Most dogs love having baths and crave for them! Unlike cats who dread water.

4. The first time your dog plays with his toys

This deserves to be on No.4 because this event carries a lot of significance in the dog’s later life. Toys are very important for dogs because they keep them busy and well-mannered. Your dog is going to play with his toys all day long in his future life and it is necessary to choose the right toy for him.

3. The first time your dog and you have eye contact

Eye contact is the most important thing for a dog and its owner. Eye contact is the basis of everything that a dog is going to learn. The very first time that your dog looks into your eyes is very precious! It marks a special bond between you and your dog.

2. The first time you bring your dog home

Distracted by millions of new smells, thousands of new sights, hundreds of different sensations, you bring your dog into your home for the first time. You leave him on his own and he goes and sniffs every nook and every corner. He familiarizes himself with his new home and takes it all in. it’s a very delicate moment, this one.

  1. The first time you see your dog

In between all the excitement and all the nerves, you’ve come to visit your pup/dog for the first time. The minute you spot him/her, all the nerves disappear and all the excitement triples. Your pup smells you for the first time and you pet him for the first time. These two first times are the most important for both you and your dog. These are the foundation of a long journey that you and your dog are going to encounter. These are the most precious moments that one can cherish. It’s like seeing your baby for the first time.


So, here was the list of the top 10 first times with your dog. If I’ve missed any out or if you’d like to add some more, do comment!

And, I hope I haven’t offended any cat lovers here. Do you want to add in your inputs, cat lovers?

For those who don’t have a dog or a cat or any pet for that matter, tell me if this article has made you want one for yourself!