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Live the life you want to live

Life is only once. So small and really too small to regret anything. Just think its like a jackpot you have won and everything you need to do is just enjoy and enjoy. Many hurdles will be in your way to live the life you want to live but you have to choose between regret and endless relieves and satisfactions. You want to do something, do it now. It may be crazy for others but just you wanna do it, do it now.

Happiness is a choice…

Life is nothing but is to be happy. Nothing can break our happiness until we allow them. Even at the worst day of your life, you can give the most valuable smile. Happiness is choice and you must choose that. Remove the dependencies/hurdles those stop you to live your own way and go on. Do the things those make you smile and smile and smile. Don’t wait for it and remember at the end day of your life, you have smile wore on your face that you haven’t wasted and enjoyed at its best.

Freedom of Choice

You are born and life is gift for you since. Name,family,religion everything is bound to you. Just imagine if you are not bounded for anything, you are like a free bird and you have given a chance to redefine yourself again. One most good thing to remember in journey of life, never stay too long for anything otherwise you will miss much, either it is career or passion. Its just like run as much as you can to achieve your dreams.

Any of your dream can come true even nothing is there on your side if you have a hope and if you have believe. Believe. Believe. Believe. Believe and you can. Believe and you are there. Believe and you have done it. And after you did it, never never forget to celebrate like a king. Just one life and endless dreams. Believe…Run… Achieve…Celebrate * 1000 times. If you really know to live the life then heaven is here and nowhere else.

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