Yes, We are Innovators.

We do not like “word” but “craft”.

We are common men with uncommon and different vision to things. We see opportunities in problems, even we laugh hard when we are stuck with the most embracing things. We fail more than succeed. We are always enthusiastic to do something new always.We are foolish and we are hungry as well. We are creative thinkers. We do experiment and that’s the kind of joy which is priceless. We challenge the things, we may be wrong but what matter is we challenge. We respect the thinking and not person. We are everywhere from a common employee to the post of CEO. We are lovers of our work. We love to work constantly because its love and love is not suitable to called “Love-hard”. We believe that our work is our identity and a simple small task should be masterpiece every time and that’s why we are perfectionist and that’s why we feel depressed often.

Money is never motivation to us, innovation is. We are contributors to make the world better every day. We love to be recognised by our work. We want to leave footprints and want to have a big community which evolves 100 times faster. We believe in monopoly of ideas and not for the persons. We are artists who craft their work with so much intensity. We feel to be hurt more than anything else, when we are not satisfied with our expected result and we do not forgive our self and come back with more than expected. We do not like to be called dedicated because we are continuously in love with the work and love is blind. We are doing small things in a great way. For us, length and priority of work is always remains same. We do not follow types but the heart and feeling of doing something new. New is the most lovable word by us. We feel proud and satisfied for the things we crafted beautifully. We are alcoholic but for work. We challenge assumptions,doubts,myths and facts as well. We change the ways for making things done. We believe in journey more than destination. We love experiences and experiments. We are everywhere and any one can be included in us who has fire in itself.

Heaven is the journey of work. We are passionate. We are obsessive for our work.We are always young by hearts. We are always excited for work. We are motivators and we also get motivated when we see someone to innovate. We are trend-setters and trend-breakers. We are dreamers.We see the world without boundaries. We are like wanderers. We are honest and caring. We are losers but we are come back boys and we are winners at last. Self satisfaction of our work is the most priceless thing for us and the joy we feel after achieving it wordless. Of course,we have haters because we are against the flows. We are creatures which are always ready to innovate. We love late nights and early mornings with our work. We do not like “word” but “craft”. We are ranging from Steve Jobs to the peon who work his work brilliantly. We make mistakes but we remember lessons. We are mechanic to unfold the mysteries. We challenge history. We believe in creating history. We become furious when our work is recognised for another name. We put a soul in our work. Yes, we do exist and there are no rules to be part of us.We follow the rule of universe- randomness.Every single creature who believe to do the things differently is part of our community. If this inspires you or give you goosebumps, congratulations you will be part of our community soon. :) Keep innovating, stay creative.

Note: Please read the word “work” as “craft” or “art” for respecting our community.:)