During the second week of my Web class I researched on several topics like Development Methodologies, Gantt chart and Market Research.

Through our class discussion and my own research I found out that there are mainly three development methodologies in project management. These are: The Waterfall Model, The Agile Model and the Spiral Model.

For this class, I have decided to use the waterfall model, as that would best suit the time we have left for the development of the project.


As I have decided to build a website for my sister’s food business, as my project, I plan on using the Agile model later on. The Agile Model would involve constant client feedback and she will have the flexibility to ask for change or add in new features in the website according to the feedback from her clients. In this way she will have the basic website up and running quite quickly and I can add and change new features according to her and her client’s need (which she might not have realised earlier).

In addition, I also researched on project management tool called Gantt Charts. I found it to be quite helpful as it illustrates the start and finish dates of the project elements and also display milestones in a project to keep track on how the project is advancing according to the schedule. The following is the Gantt chart I have made for my project with milestone included.

As for market research, I looked at few websites for food business and found the website homepages to be quite attractive with lots of pictures of delicious food on their home page.

There were basic design features like their logo in the upper left hand corner, search and login at the upper right hand corner. There were also features like live chat (for order status and support) on the upper right hand corner. The title bar had different types of food items to order food from and the homepage had the dynamic banner, which displayed their delicious food items with the “start your order” button on it. The social media buttons were usually located on the bottom right hand corner of the homepage. I intend to incorporate few of these basic features on my website.

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