Week 3 — Analyse Requirements

In week two, I learned that the requirements of my web design would depend on several factors like age, gender, language, level of technical ability of the intended audience and also how the users will interact with the site (like through desktop computer, laptop, phone or tablet). In addition, it would also depend on the current design trends.

In Week three, I learned about incorporating social media options, looking at the pros and cons of building a site from scratch or using a CMS and technical requirements that my website might have.

My client is my sister and the website is for her food business “Lunch ‘N’ Munch”.

As for the question on whether to build the website from scratch or use CMS (Content Management System), I would like to develop the website from scratch as it is a simple website with only few pages which does not require the use of CMS. In addition, I do not have to stick to in- built themes, I can be creative and design my own which I think will be a good learning experience for me.

As “Lunch ‘N’ Munch” already has a Facebook page, I would incorporate this in my client’s website. I can do so by embedding Js or API provided by Facebook to the website. My client would also like to add features like location and online ordering. I can do so by using Google maps API and maybe add online ordering system to the website using PayPal.

As for Technical Requirements, the client side should be compatible with multiple browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Similarly, the website should be able to adapt according to the screen size of the device used to view it. The server side would require Linux, Mysql and PHP servers.

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