Writing Out of the Mid-Level Career Abyss — Day One

The title of this post is probably not interesting or quite frankly all the fresh to the average writer. But that I am not. Ironically, I, Sam Renzi, have stumbled my way into a career that is based on communications and being as specific with a few words as humanly possible. Oh and also sounding like someone has never written them before. Sounds simple enough.

During recent catch-ups with peers and colleagues, it dawned on me that many of us are living a share experience in our work lives — the mid-career crisis.

Now for a quick aside, what is it with middle points leading to panic, doubt, crisis, and irrational behavior? The mid-life crisis, the 7 year itch, it’s like being in the middle is somehow so unsettling we lose our bearings and all hell breaks loose.

My peers and I are at the 10–12 year mark in our careers and had been happily humming along driving forward to make those next steps.Climbing the ladder, chasing growth and passion roles and opportunities. And then bam! Collectively we’ve all hit a proverbial wall. Out of nowhere. We reach out to grab at anything that will help us catch our bearings to get us realigned on our path.

I can only tell my personal story of what I’m doing next, and for me it’s starting with an Instagram post. Fellow strategist, Mark Pollard, posed the question I needed out to the social universe: why writing about what you do for a living can help you live.

Source: Instagram

Writing…an acitvity I shy away from a multitude of reasons: 1) fear of failure 2) judgement, and 3) the ping-pong, non-linear nature of my ADHD brain…as a potential tool to help me navigate through this…no thanks! I’ll stay in my dark abyss, thank you very much. It’s become familiar now. But okay, fine, Mark Pollard. I’ll try things your way.

And this is where I found myself now, attempting to write my way out of the abyss that is the mid-level, mid-career conundrum that most of us will experience. It will be messy. There will be missteps and backtracking. Hell, it will definitely NOT be linear. But my hope is at the end I’ll have found the best path forward out of this dark, fuzzy abyss.



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