The Agriculture Revolution on Blockchain –DEMETER

This is the technological era. Everything in this world has been achieving rapid technological growth. But we are still looking at farmers to produce our foods. Why don’t you think to have your own micro farm? Do you think as it is impossible? Demeter will be offered a great opportunity to conduct your own micro farm.

It may be an amazing business concept not only for consumers but also for the farmers. When consider the farmers point of the view, they can obtain greater solution for their market related problems. Actually most of the small scale farmers are cultivating crop varieties whatever they are interested. Thereafter they are looking for potential buyers in the market. Sometimes they may be failed, if they are unable to find customers at fair price. So farmers should be produce whatever their customer wants. Demeter is a good opportunity to empower this kind of demand driven market strategy while producing whatever things their customers pre-requested . And also a larger proportion of returns are going to the intermediaries of the market chain regardless the farmers who are the most important actors of the market chain. So Demeter will be a good platform to eliminate the role of intermediaries.

And also when consider the point of the view of consumers; most of the organic food interested customers are in a doubt of finding reliable organic products in the market. They cannot be guaranteed about the production process because they are only end users of the products without getting aware of anything about the farm. They don’t know anything regarding what are the agronomic practices, what are the fertilizers that farmers have adapted. Demeter is replying all those problematic situations of consumers.

Demeter is allowing to the consumers; “Micro-farm-to-table made possible — anywhere in the world”. This innovative concept can be experienced anyone in the world with any internet accessible device whatever they have. This is the revolution of agriculture which is called as ag4.0.


Demeter is the decentralized platform which is offered better solution for both consumers & farmers. It is the first time that a digital currency is performing all the transactions among users of agricultural platform.

DMT Tokens

Etherium based -DMT digital currency will be exchanged all the values in this platform. This is allowed for quick ,trustful & secured transactions excluding any of transaction fees, exchange rates & etc. Because DMT is Etherium based currency ,you are able to store DMT in various types of wallets.

Specialties of Demeter

As you all know ,if you are willing to enjoy organic, fresh & quality farm products ,you have to pay double times more than normal products. But Demeter is allowed you to enjoy them at very fair price, actually less than the today organic market price.

How is Demeter functioning ?

If you are willing to have your own micro farm & grow whatever crop that you are interested, you can reserve a piece of land of local farmer through this platform. Furthermore you can communicate with your farmer throughout the process for every detail of your cultivation; how it is growing , what are the organic practices that your farmer has adopted & etc. Ultimately you can arrange everything about picking & delivery of your harvest with your farmer .And also as a farmer, if you are willing to sell your products a, Demeter platform is the best solution for you because you can find consumers.

Major target market

The first target market of the Demeter is Asia. Actually Demeter will be the best fit solution for the Asian market. Asia is having blooming concern towards organic-healthy foods simultaneously with rapid economic growth. However there is a significant market gap in there because of organic market is not well established up to now. Therefore Asia has a big market opportunity to fulfill the needs of the organic consumers who are ready to enjoy healthy agro products. However the same region most of the farmers are just below the poverty line despite the rapid economic growth. Farmers are the most vulnerable group in the Asian communities since they are stressed with the low returns of the complex market chains. Therefore Demeter will be a blooming trend for them to enhance their living conditions while enjoying maximum returns.

Demeter is not only for Asia, but also Europe, USA, North America, Africa, ultimately the whole world will be benefited this agriculture based revolutionary platform. So this is the best time to invest on Demeter

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