is a new zoo for noobs was a good place to find the answers. I joined this forum six years ago. I have both asked and answered too few questions in these years. In fact, I didn’t get a chance to ask too many questions because almost all the questions I needed were already answered by some one.

Searching in google worked for me and I was able to save time. It is the great place for beginners to learn. I used it a lot in the past to ask questions in the past.

It is one of the worst places for beginners to ask the questions now. You don’t get a high-quality answer most of the time because experienced developers with tons of reputations are flocking because SO community has become a zoo for noobs.

Reputation. Everyone wants a good reputation in the profile. I see people answering crap in the questions. Answering the same questions does not make any sense. Unfortunately, you will get the more answers for the question asked for more than one time.

Another problem is the quality of questions from the beginners. This site has made the users so lazy they don’t bother googling the questions. They open stack overflow and ask the same questions again and again. It is just waste of time for moderators to look at the questions from users with low reputation. community is overshadowed by greed and the hunger of reputation. This is directly affecting the quality answers from good developers who can give better insights for beginners who are in hope to learn from community and give it back to the community in the near future.

It is going down slowly and no new developers are buying it anymore and the reason is crappy moderators who want to show themselves better with high reputations instead of quality answers for their individual benefits.

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