Becoming Martha Stewart: What I’ve Learned From Uploading My First 10 YouTube Videos
Lana Lingbo Li

I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without commenting on Medium, simply for having forgotten I could be logged in. This personal failing aside: great job!

I have yet to follow your recipes, because I don’t want to unleash the horror that is readily-available-cake. BUT they look really delicious. For this same reason, I do not instruct friends on the (simple, evil) art of making popovers. Once you know, it can’t be undone.

Keep it up and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the process, analytics, and more. Definitely makes clear that it’s hard work out there — bad enough in the real world (those poor 2nd grips!) but also in YouTube-land when the creators (Creators) have to be makeup, video, audio, writers, and so much more.