5 bucket list travel destinations for Party Animals

Are you a party lover? Are you looking for a destination that lets you lose to rock all night? Perhaps a place that gives you all and takes none, from sexy companions to awesome hangouts? Well, multiple locations across the world can give you that privilege. It has become like a completion. Each place is doing everything possible to lure your attention to them.

The best destinations are in a race to become a must-visit for those who lover partying. However, now all of the might quench your desires. They might arouse you but leave you craving for me. Fortunately for you, that should not be the situation anymore. We have gone through long lists to bring you best of the best.

The following five destinations are the most fulfilling for any reason. They are the dream-come-true for every party animal. Keep reading to find out why they can fulfill your wildest dreams.

1) The small Balearic island Ibiza, Spain

The whole of Europe has been known to be quite a place for party lovers. Now, in the whole of this continent, the crown for the hottest place to get partying has been with Ibiza for a very long time. The island has been quite a lure for both locals and tourists. People travel far and wide to come to this place.

There have been allegations however that perhaps Croatia is stealing its glory. However, the island continues to offer the most alluring nightlife scenery for the whole globe. The place has been a career launcher for some of the best DJs in the world. The rest of the electro world has used famous club tunes like Amnesia to reference the place.

That is not all; great sand beaches echo the globally acclaimed temples in Ibiza. If you want to hold a party in the lovely old town, you will get everything you need for it.

2) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

When it comes to nightlife in Mexico, the first place people think is Cancun. Cancun sure has its own aura but if you want to truly party like the Mexicans then PV is the place to be. Puerto Vallarta, a resort town in Mexico, famous for its sandy beaches and the nightlife scenes, is the place for you if you want to party hard but also don’t want to be standing in an overcrowded destination.

The warm weather here is ideal for water sports and beach activities but it the nightlife that takes the crown here. With numerous options of beach parties, night clubs in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, to choose from, you can expect something new every day. Every year Puerto Vallarta hosts people from around the world looking to celebrate the milestones in life, be it a bachelor/bachelorette party or just a casual spring break. Once you party here, you come back looking for more, that’s just the beauty of Puerto Vallarta.

3) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

The best lovers of the nightlife are ironically jazz lovers. New Orleans has been referred by many as the jazz capital of the world. With such a definition, you should have already guessed the kind of nightlife to catch here. In the whole of the USA, this city defines the true meaning of partying and daytime at night. New Orleans is without a doubt the place to pass your night. It famously lengthens the day and shortens the night. The city is also known for hosting festivals and other events that involve music. Get in touch with the party realm here.

4) Thai Capital

If you mention Bangkok to any traveler, you should be able to notice the rush in their spine. They will get excited instantly because the city is the true haven for travelers. Bangkok prides in some of the world’s most amazing culture and has the most robust nightlife. Thailand, in general, is a party-loving nation. And that is why it does not come as a surprise that its capital offers the best harbor for party animals. Bangkok is a storehouse for every party.

Do you want chic or crazy rundown? 5-star club and rooftop pool bar? A backpacker diver? No problem, the city has it all.

5) Berlin, Germany

If you ask anyone who is an electro lover about the best scene, Berlin should be the answer you get. The city has been crowned as the center stage for the music type and party scenery. Berlin has some of the best clubs to blow your mind. It is a welcome place for any party lover. For electro enthusiasts, there is no denying the kind of alluring scene Berlin presents; it can’t just miss in your bucket list.