‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is an accurate way to thoroughly describe the uniquely bold symbolism accurately represented through the fiery red, business clad, designer less suit jacket that comfortably rests upon the confidently strong, non nervous wracked, muscle bred shoulders of Alexandria Orcasio Cortez.

Efficiently borrowing another remarkable quote alongside her fellow, proud ‘New Yorker,’ ‘J.Lo,’ yes, she may not yet officially, readily, organically, availably be known and/or instead, casually referred to as ‘Alex From The Block,’ however, that doesn’t matter. It was the true simplicity of a similarly, like minded, honest, sincere attitude, leading to the specificity of one notable, given destination.

No longer was the increased level of her seemingly, convincingly endless youth and maturity, consistently, actively, profusely placed into question, rather, the clearly pivotal meaning of a richly self made, independent badass millennial turned congresswoman became apparent.

The Spanish phrase, ‘En Fuego’ equates to the specific English translation of being ‘on fire!’

That’s the following category that I would like to find and place her in. That’s where she belongs. After all, the fruitfully, well spoken latina knows how to fight with a continuously, powerfully, cleverly intellectual vocabulary, as easily presented.

A preferably, classically labeled, entertaining argument, now considered a modern political fight, has a rightful victor on its side, counting on this importantly historic achievement.



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