He repetitively, genuinely, happily, healthily says, ‘Make someone smile.’

I can’t get over that.

Social media should be a safe space and a haven likely filled with selflessly daring people to surround one’s self with, especially a strong community that is started based on an extraordinarily unique bond, no matter how or extensive or little the time period shared.

A couple like JT and Brooklyn Laybourne is a beautiful example of a relationship that I hope to achieve and strive for once it’s my time to find that right person.

For some reason, they feel like home to me, a support system that I have always wanted and garnered for myself.

Family is everything to me, that has never once changed and never will.

Beyond that scope, I have had difficulty feeling as if I have never fit in or belong anywhere simply because I take relationships seriously, and not vice versa.

I don’t know what it’s like to randomly thank (and reach out to) strangers that I have met over the web due to their continued, endless love, wishes and support.

As harsh as that is, it’s the truth.

The same goes for real life.

Caring for others (in my book) is non negotiable.

Through the power of an open heart surgery procedure carefully being performed under the duress of ‘Covid 19,’ a rare, welcoming vulnerability has been brought to the surface.

Even more so, the automatic creation of a community thriving upon positive feedback, clearly listening to and understanding the beauty of a productively led. conversation.

Originality exists, further exploring and explaining the meaning of successful, effective communication.

Patience is a virtue, often learning from and freely embracing life’s expected and unexpected ups and downs, the twists and turns in the form of a curveball unapologetically pitched at a fast pace.

Nothing matters but a daily sense of gratitude expressed through the way of inspiration. In this case, the weekly, trending hashtag, ‘Monday Motivation.’

Everyday is a journey visited through an exclusive window to remarkable visions of ‘the golden rule.’

Where else would I rather be?



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