Thirteen is a convincingly lucky number and a representative symbol to most, if not all. The reason that I bring this up results in the unexpected, masked statement of Timothee Chalamet, ‘treat others with kindness.’ An absent, double patterned clap followed the usually apparent, repetitively routine thank you’s.

Reflecting on the past nine months, the young actor simultaneously closed out the show with an externally solid ‘truth bomb’ worth sharing online. Despite that detail, staying in the pivotal moment had its relevance, easily guiding an effective decision process.

Taking a screenshot was out of the question.

A respective, coordinating, deep navy blue and a black denim clad ‘Boss’ brought admirably definitive, ample value to the stage, the proud look of a mentor, adding the uniqueness of a non existent element. ‘Mic drop’ is a necessary understatement with plentifully claimed generosity.

Admittance of an inspirational, twenty something mama’s boy earned a respective curtain call, at ‘Studio 8H.’ His, appropriately, once called those very long, thin, narrowed halls ‘home,’ serendipitous for the rare occasion. Thirty years may have indeed, glaringly passed by and yet, still, nothing has seemingly changed. It’s the iconic place that it always has been and continues to prove to be through the genuine hard work passed down from numerous, prior aged generations. Like an apple, talent doesn’t ‘fall far from the tree.’

Familial connection strongly prospers at the alluringly attractive, attention grabbing thought of a purposefully decorated, seasonally coveted, tiny, midtown corner Manhattan set.

Laughter is the best medicine, highlighting the intended camaraderie of a native New York accent, all with the start of a simplistic piano trill. That was a discovery of the inner creative. Firsts thrive upon the random imitation and the efforted fascination of a Harry Styles impersonation. Imagine being interviewed by Dionne Warwick (a recent ‘Twitter’ addition).



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