What curates the definition of a miracle, is it an unexpected September birthday wish, perhaps, a dream never witnessed, unraveled in real time?

An innocent thought dominos the unimaginable, whether an unfounded sixty six yard field goal or a classic overtime winning touchdown.

Uneven is the numbered year planning the…

Not having an outlet (as an artistic expressive, creative voice) other than on social media basis platforms is the extended equivalent of modern careers’ great proven resignation.

Nine months almost to the day, home has acted as a permanently empty desk filled with potential work, only then to get unnoticed…





#Yesterday was heavy, put it down. Though, like ‘The Beatles’ said, all my troubles, rather than so far away, are still here. Don’t mind the complaining; don’t judge me, ok? Thank you.

Not quite meaning to lift up the left (hopeful and wanting my right, instead)…

When @cbstv @cbsnews @cbssundaymorning features contagious #weekend #happysunday #weekendvibes’ #nature content goals, #sunday #sundayfunday often comes out to play. Differential representation actively paints a recognizable worthy, award presented picture.

Majestic perfect, synchronized pelicans (fly in blissful, fluidly patterned unison and adaptable congregant, curious song) gently caressing over their naturally enriched…

I knew I recognized him from somewhere (a recent tv show series). I couldn’t put my finger on it. That was until my googling his name (Charlie Barnett) on ‘IMDB.’ Nailed it, I ecstatically thought to myself. He starred on NBC’s, ‘Chicago Fire,’ one of my favorites, a classic. …

Immediately, I was inspired by the confidently poised, well esteemed next #generation poet @amandascgorman, ricocheting and spit balling an eloquently self written poem, the unforgettable ecstatic #joy of her #smile non contained with adrenaline’s excitement, radiating through the simplistic vibrancy of a youthful, strapless pink dress behind a transparently mirrored…

Purified imagination verifies the epitomized definition of a culture’s maturely simmering melting pot, effortlessly adding uniquely expressive ingredients with the reexamination of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Non directive itinerary agrees.

Autumn’s routinely expected, accelerated seasonal change mirrors the magic of a simple Japanese…

By the careful grace of her non chosen

wings, ‘she touched the world.’ A heavenly presence on earth sparkles to the equal

gain of her glistening, oceanic turquoise,

cerulean blue eyes.

Remarkably matching ribbons (gabby’s gift) space throughout

the intimacy of a small community’s town. Light the night quotes


I feel alive.

Three words happily galavant, automatic and frozen, explorative in anchored time.

Many a numerous sight glimpse, observant left and right, directionless driven.

Skyscraper concrete jungle occasion narrative aligns.

A view, rotatable, momentous with glory. Overwhelming angles provide pristine measured scenery.. The Verrazano, a visible multi island connecter…

Man’s best friend wasn’t my closest ally.

Like Josh Peck’s leading character, Deputy U.S. Marshall, Scott Turner, largely menacing dogs were never a ‘thing’ and/or considered to be on my radar. I’ll give you a good example. I ran from a high (if not top) speed ran, unleashed golden retriever…

Samantha In Serendipity

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