Shizusan, Pune

If there is one form of fish I love, it’s sushi.

For those of you who don’t know much about sushi here’s a little info…

The original type of sushi (narezushi-fermented sushi), was first developed in Southeast Asia and spread to South China before being introduced to Japan.

Sushi consists mainly of cooked vinegared rice, combined with other ingredients such as raw seafood and vegetables.

There are several types of sushi some of my favourites are nigiri sushi, maki sushi and fusion sushi.

Pune doesn’t have too many great Sushi joints to boast about, so when we read about Shizusan opening in Pune at Phoenix Marketcity in Viman nagar, we hoped that it would be different and boy were we happy with our sushi, though by no means is it all they have to offer! Shizusan offers cuisine from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia, with their own twist on a lot of it.

We really enjoyed everything we ordered at Shizusan, I would definitely recommend trying out the place if you haven’t yet…here are a few of the dishes I would recommend.

A glimpse of the decor of the restaurant, well part of it anyway…

Shrimp Hargao Dimsums~

Traditional steamed dumplings with a filling of prawns and water chestnut.

Rainbow Maki~

This is the first time I have tried this type of sushi, it is tuna and salmon wrapping the filling rice stuffed with crab sticks and cucumber. Really well presented and super tasty!

Steamed Bao (Lamb slider) ~

An amazing lamb patty cooked in black bean sauce, mixed with a bit of pickles and slaw.

Though in my opinion, the amount of filling compared to the size of the bao wasn’t very proportionate.

California Roll~

This one was my absolute favourite. This sushi is made of avocado, cucumber, salmon, rice and a special sauce.

The Classic Salmon Sushi~

A classic sushi with nori (edible seaweed) wrapped rice with a delicious stuffing of salmon and cream cheese.


Lychee and Date Wontons~

Crispy fried golden wontons with a lychee and date stuffing served with ice-cream on the side.

If you are looking to try something new you can give this one a shot.

The Red Velvet Cake~

To start off, this was one well presented cake!

Tastewise absolutely scrumptious! Not very heavy and not too light at the same time. A bit different from a traditional red velvet cake though.

A few other recommendations~~

For drinks I’d recommend trying “The general”- A mix of grenadine, mango, lemonade and lychee and “On the beach”- A drink made of watermelon, orange, lemongrass and ginger.

Shizusan’s chicken soup dumplings - Minced chicken and shitake mushrooms form the stuffing served in a soupy broth. Yummy!

Okonomiyaki - Traditional japanese style savoury pancakes, topped with creamy kewpie mayo (a creamy Japanese mayonnaise) and okonomi sauce (a Japanese sauce).

Another option for the baos would be “My PBJ Bao”- A steamed bao stuffed with braised pork-belly.

I just can’t wait to go back and try some more of the cool sounding items on their menu!

A glimpse at their amazing menu with beautiful illustrations and a great story of the travels of the fictional traveller Shizusan