The Real Foodie’s Version Of Tortillas!

Tortillas have always been one of my go to dishes, since I can remember. They are easy & quick to make, super yummy and filling too!

Try out one of my innovative tortilla recipes for a fun and yummy dinner.

The quantities I have mentioned in this recipe serves 3 people (1 wrap per person) . So adjust your quantities accordingly.


1 medium onion

1/2 red and yellow capsicum

1/2 tomato

3 slices of bacon

2 chicken/pork sausages

2 cubes of cheese, grated

2–3 tbsp of Olive oil

2–3 Tbsp Olives (Black/Green)

1 packet of tex mex salsalito tortilla wraps (about 6 large wraps)

For the sauce:

Tomato sauce-approx 5 small size sachets

Del monte mayonnaise-8-10 tbsp

1/4 tsp of salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1/4 tsp chilly powder

Preparation: Mix all of the above ingredients and add in some water, according to the consistency you prefer for the thickness of sauce.

Look at all those gorgeous colours


Start off with dicing the onion into slightly thickish slivers.

Slice the tomato, keep it aside.

Dice the red and yellow capsicum into tiny pieces.

Chop the bacon and sausage into medium pieces.

In a pan fry the bacon and sausage till cooked.

Then toss the onion and capsicum into the same pan and fry for just half a minute, don’t fry it for any longer because you want the veggies to give the dish that slightly crunchy bite to it. Toss the olives in once you turn off the gas.

Only once you are ready to serve, heat up the tortillas on both sides on a flat pan for a few seconds on each side, because it is already pre-cooked.

Put a single wrap in each plate, spread the sauce lavishly across the whole wrap, sprinkle the cheese over the whole wrap (make sure you get the corners too, no one likes a non-cheesy corner!) then add in the stuffing and tomato. Fold the tortilla in half and serve. Make sure you eat them hot.

Tips: 1. You can use other veggies that you like too, like cabbage, spring onions, beetroot, zucchini to increase the quantity of the stuffing.

2. Once you finish stuffing the tortilla, you can heat it up on a medium flame on one side, so that the cheese melts slightly.

3. If you prefer you can use chilly sauce instead of the chilly powder for the sauce.

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