The Sassy Spoon, Pune

It’s been a while since I last wrote a restaurant review for my blog, but I have a great place to recommend to make up for it! As soon as my sister and I heard that Bombay’s Sassy Spoon was opening in Pune, we just had to visit!

Located a little off South Main road in Koregaon Park, it’s easy to spot from the main road. Many of you would’ve known Jimmy Hu or Brooklyn Shuffle, which was previously located at the same place.

You can choose to sit outdoors or indoors. The first thing that strikes you is the fun, interesting decor with their signature theme and no shortage of photo ops!

Dedicated drinks, food and even dessert menu meant no shortage of choice, the quantity and quality of almost all the dishes we tried was pretty good. Here are a few of the dishes we did try:

The menu cards
The Sangria and Beer

For Drinks~ we tried out the fresh berry sangria which was pretty great.

We also tried the passion fruit flavoured beer, not for everyone but my sister seemed to enjoy it.

I’ve heard great reviews about their other cocktails too.

For Starters~~

Coriander & Rava Bombil
Coriander & Rava Bombil~

I am not the biggest fan of bombil, but I did try out a small piece of this dish, and I have to admit that it was great, a must try! Perfectly crispy, interesting flavours and went well with the raw mango chutney served on the side.

Murtabak (Baida roti)
Murtabak (Baida roti)~

This is the Sassy Spoon’s take on the classic baida roti with a chicken rendang stuffing.

Murtabak or Martabak is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread and Chicken Rendang is an amazing Malaysian-Indonesian chicken stew with spices and coconut milk.

Mini Poi stuffed with pulled pork & sour cream potatoes
Mini Poi stuffed with pulled pork & sour cream potatoes~

This dish was by far my favourite, Why you ask?…because it reminds me of the exact poi that we buy at the local bakery in Goa, and boy do I miss that bread when I’m in Pune!

This dish called out to me the moment I opened the menu card. The poi is fresh and as tasty as the bread in Goa stuffed with succulent pulled pork served with potatoes in a sour cream dressing.

Grilled tenderloin on chilly cheese toast
Grilled tenderloin on chilly cheese toast~

Brilliantly cooked and very flavourful tenderloin served on chilly cheese toast covered in molten cheese.

For The Main Course~~

“Thengal Erai” — Coconut prawns with appam
“Thengal Erai” — Coconut prawns with appam~

Delicious prawns in a lip-smacking coconut masala with an interesting texture of crunchy bits, served on crisp fluffy appam​s. The only drawback of this dish is the tiny quantity.

The pork ribs in smoked bbq sauce
The pork ribs in smoked bbq sauce~

Well cooked (fairly large) pork ribs in an amazing smoked honey barbecue sauce. This dish reminded me of my mum’s version of pork ribs! (and anything that reminds me of my mum’s food has got to be super tasty!) Served with delish mashed potato and sautéed veggies on the side.

The cornflake crumb fried chicken
The cornflake crumb fried chicken~

Honestly, I found this dish a bit too oily for my liking. Chunks of chicken deep fried with a cornflake coating. For me the highlight of this dish was the mustard flavoured mashed potatoes and the gravy served with it.

Kerala style lamb with buttered brun
Kerala style lamb with buttered brun~

The lamb was well done and the Kerala masala was tasty. The brun was disappointing though, quite chewy and certainly not very fresh.

Some of the striking bits of the decor are sprawling bookshelves across large sections of the wall.

The Bar~~

A unique part of the decor is that part of the bar is made up of a refurbished old Volkswagen van.

Some more uber cute decor~~

There is just something about these tiles that I adore, maybe they remind me of the beautiful ancestral Portuguese houses in Goa !

Funky lights adorn the entire restaurant

The Bakery, The Sassy Teaspoon~~

Located right at the entrance of the restaurant, the bakery sells both breads and pastries, here you can pick up a packet of fresh pois, focaccia and other breads.

You can choose from a wide range of pastries like red velvet, mousses, cupcakes, brownies and cakes.

Even though we were super stuffed at this point, I was pretty happy when the restaurant decided to serve us a dessert on the house, selected specially by a Mr. Nadkarni, who works at the restaurant as a manager. The one he selected was the Seven layer chocolate & hazelnut mousse. And it was lip-smackingly good !

Lovely flower arrangements outside the restaurant

Apart from the great food, drinks and pretty decor, the staff was really pleasant, helpful and friendly. With it’s all day breakfast menu and unique flavours of dishes..I’d definitely suggest trying the place. I for one will definitely be visiting again!