How to Prepare for a Great Engagement Photo shoot? 4 Pointers

Sam Nath
Sam Nath
Aug 1, 2018 · 3 min read

A pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot is the best way to understand your photographer, and for the photographer to comprehend your personalities better. Also, it is an excellent way to get rid of camera shyness and better prepare for your actual wedding photo shoot. Here’re a few quick pointers on how to prepare for an awesome engagement photoshoot.

Look For A Photographer That Matches Your Style & Personality:

First thing first! You must book a wedding photographer in New York who can highlight your personality through the photos. Once you’ve surfed through a photographer’s work — you’ll have a good idea regarding the type of images you’re going to get. Keep in mind that — asking a photographer if he can imitate someone else’s style is not the best way to go. It’s only going to leave you disillusioned, and you’ll blame the photographer at the end of the day for your own poor decision. Once you can visualize yourself in the photographer’s existing body of work — you’ve discovered the perfect match for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

The Preparation Matters:

You can appoint the best of the wedding photographers in New York, move to the most exceptional locations in the city — but at the end of the day — it is how you look can make or break the photoshoot.

I’ve witnessed so many shoots go bad — because the couple did not bother to carry extra clothes for the planned photo session.

Go with the options that you’ve discussed with your photographer, show him photos of the type of styling you want. Even if you don’t have adequate time to go shopping for the photoshoot — pick your favorites, your most classy outfits.

Choose Location Wisely:

The location you choose for your pre-wedding shoot can make you look larger than life. If you’re confident — check out outdoors, marketplaces, public gardens, tourist spots, etc. And if you’re like most couples — a bit camera shy, pick a more isolated place, like a farmhouse or beach, or an old ruin which isn’t on the tourist map, or simply your garden or terrace.

Breath-Easy & Have Fun:

I really cannot stress more on the value of “having fun” during the pre-wedding photo session. After getting over the task of hiring the right wedding photographer, finding the location, outfit, the logistics, etc — you’re eventually ready to take some beautiful photos.

Let your wedding photographer take control while you’ve fun and rely on his creative side. Once you stop thinking about how you’re going to look in photos — you can concentrate on having a great time with one another. Making use of your positive energy to demonstrate how much enjoyment you can have together will reflect in your photos — so emphasize on that instead of taking headache about what your photographer is doing or if he’s making you seem uncomfortable or putting you in stupid poses — keep in mind, you appointed the person because you loved his work in the first place.

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