Paper Facial Tissues

Personal Selection (What are some reasons you selected this tool?)

My design tool choice is paper facial tissues (otherwise known as Kleenex). I chose this because I use tissues quite often, and shudder to think what I’d do without them (use a handkerchief, I guess. Ew.).


Paper facial tissues came about as a result of wartime efforts to find a replacement for cotton in medical bandages. There was a significant shortage in cotton, and the company Kimberly-Clark proposed the use of a newly developed material called “Cellucotton.” This led to a surplus of the stuff after the war ended.


Their first post-war purpose was for makeup & cold cream removal, but when women complained that their husbands were using them to blow their noses, its true calling became clear.


Most first-world, hygiene-conscious individuals use paper tissues to take care of a runny nose, although old-fashioned handkerchiefs are still used by some on occasion.

Materials & Production

The cotton replacement they went with during the war was called “cellucotton,” a material made from processed wood pulp.


Paper facial tissues are generally quite affordable, though different people will surely buy more than others, depending on how much their nose “produces.”

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