Today lets think of the world we live in there so many fascinating products and infrastructures, that meet our day to day needs and even exceed. This ingenues product consist of simple items we use at home to big awesome infrastructure and software's used by large corporation to deliver better services, goods while the world must have so many genus. Some say this must be an absurd assumption, but lets see how many genus do you know around ? “Shh” don’t answer that it was rhetorical question.

Think about how these things are made, where are this special talented brain that are changing and making a world a better place, we need to appreciate them for making our life better. To be honest one week before today I had no clue where they are located but being in Andela boot-camp I have gotten these secret place they hide while the improve the world and I just have to share to your curious mind maybe you will pay them a visit to give them some appreciation.

First lets agree on some basic things, no matter how dumb one think is there is always, that thing one is good at and am sure you know yours or your are still beating you head trying to figure out what it’s, secondly working together is just awesome you don,t have to trans-night to meet deadlines and many other attributes we as normal human “non-genus” posses. While I know that sound so normal and very irrelevant to the location of these “genus” but this maybe it’s because am among these normal people.

Enough said lets just be real almost every ingenues products and infrastructure got a team and a evolution story behind them, what am saying is very small percentage of these awesome tech, machines and infrastructures are made by one per person overnight and even those made by individuals it’s over a long time of consistent improvement and help from others. These teams am talking are the normal people that wake each up day to go to work, learn, to improve and provide for their daily needs. The most unfortunate thing is that they are so focus on their needs that they do not realize they are better at at something and are are surrounded by so many people each good in a different area and with collaboration they are smarter than the so called genus.

Imagine the world is being made a better place by people who are not even aware or don’t intend to do so, just because they are talent and are brought together because of their desire to make an income to provide for themselves and their families. What or where do you think the world could be if they did this with intention and awareness?, while know you know collaborate, share, ask and tell me if you are smarter than your outcome.

Ooh before I forget about the genus location, congratulation my friend you, your pattern, workmates, schoolmates and I make up the genus we just have to share what we know best, ask other genus what they know best and we make an ingenues solution. Now you know make your output smarter than yourself. Andela boot camp is awesome TIA.

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