Each day you see successful entrepreneurs, artists, CEO, managers, leaders or even politicians you are most like tempted to say “I wanna be like him\her”. My friend if you are not a day dreamer next time you are tempted to say the **words** and work toward being like someone else, just take a moment to first answer to yourself this five simple yet critical questions that might save you from starting a journey of regrets, self-doubt and self-torture.

  1. Whom am I?
  2. What is success to me?
  3. What motivate and drive me?
  4. How do I want write my story?
  5. Am I ready to step out of my comfort zone?
  6. Can I persevere the pain and is it worth it?

If you have clear answers to this five simple questions and still wish to be like some role model, no one can stop you from achieving that apart from your mind. People say to “win you must first win in the mind” (For those who don’t win by luck) so make sure any race you start you mind has won it even before you begin.


You will have to sacrifice a lot sleep, leisure and time.

You will lose friends and at some point make enemies

You will face competition and hostility

You will make stands and walk alone because nobody believe in you and your ideas.

The list is endless and if you luck the internal motivation and toughness you will loose the race. Making it in whatever goals you set is possible but not ever easy as long as you understand: who you are, why you want to achieve the goals and what drive you. This bring me to the conclusion that to make winning easy, consistent, maintainable, record breaking and achievable one has focus on winning as oneself but not as others have done it in the past.