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We live in a world that loves buzzwords especially if you’ve had the “luxury” of being in the startup space. Buzzwords come and go, but if there is one word that’s going to survive this black swan event, it’s Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is now a question of survival.

You can quote me on it in a few years. The reason I am saying digital transformation is now a means of survival is that the aftermath of the current events will leave permanent changes to consumer behavior and their purchase journey.

Companies that reject adopting digital processes as part of…

If millennials have taught the world anything, it’s that they’re incredibly creative, not super patient, and love to spend money. In the United States, adults between the ages of 18–29 have racked $1 trillion in debt. And young adults in Canada aren’t doing much better.

Last year, millennial debt increased 12.4% totalling $515.9 billion which, when you factor in the lower cost of education, is pretty much on par with our American friends.

These figures are scary, and many around the world — millennials included — are asking themselves, “How did we get to this point?” …

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Having worked as a product manager in the startup scene for the past few years, I didn’t always have the luxury of choosing my team, either for budget reasons or because a team was already in place.

In early 2016, I launched Corl and had to build my all-star team. A team I knew I will be spending most of my time with over the next few years. While my co-founder was solely focused on hard skills (i.e. technical expertise), I was looking for the following in a hire: Patient, Empathetic, Hard Worker, Flexible, Thoughtful, Self-Learner, etc.

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I honestly still don’t know how I ended up getting into Product Management. All I remember is starting my career as a deployment engineer and then a few months later I was doing PM work when nobody knew very well what exactly a PM does. Luckily, for all of you young padawans, we now have a better understanding of what PMs do and don’t.

Fast forward 11 years, I have launched several products in the market from startup to IPO, including my own tech companies. 11 years is a long time to learn some key lessons and admit f*ck ups…

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A lot has happened during my little hiatus from blogging. I’m sure you have already figured out from my recent LinkedIn activity that I have stepped down from my role as CEO of Corl and my co-founder Derek has taken over while I continue to serve as a member of the board. This opportunity has allowed me to look at the industry with a fresh set of eyes, and perhaps to have stronger opinions about what’s the FinTech and Blockchain spaces.

Disclaimer: All opinions shared in this or future articles, represent my opinion as an individual and independent member of…

Safwan Zaheer, Director of Digital Financial Services and Head of FinTech at KPMG joins Corl’s Advisory Board

We are excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Safwan Zaheer to Corl’s Advisory Board.

Mr. Zaheer is a Global Digital executive with 20 years of experience managing and launching new growth businesses and products that achieve success and market growth through digital transformation and innovation. Mr. Zaheer is sought-out to lead high-impact company growth initiatives that result in rapid execution of new digital businesses and products that expand market strength and revenue streams. As the Head of FinTech at KPMG, he focuses…

As a SaaS business, gaining and retaining your customers is crucial to growing your company’s revenue stream. A common metric you will hear when analyzing your effectiveness in keeping customers happy is the Customer Churn Rate (CCR).

What is Customer Churn Rate?

Customer churn rate (CCR) is the number of customers or subscribers who cut ties with your service or company during a given time period. These customers have “churned.”

How to Calculate Customer Churn Rate?

Take the number of customers that you lost last month and divide that by the number of customers that you started with last month. The resulting percentage is your churn rate. …

We all have fuzzy memories about those complicated algebraic theorems that haunted us in our youth. While most of these theorems tend to be forgotten in present-day life, as a SaaS entrepreneur, calculating the customer lifetime value (CLTV) is the only equation you need to remember.

Customer Lifetime Value

Generally, the health of your SaaS business can be determined by two metrics: Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). …

Hello everyone,

We have big news we are happy to share with you!

We started creating Seedlify because we strongly believe in helping startups find innovative financing solutions that align their interests with investors. As we continue on our journey, and to capture our beliefs and vision for this company, we have made an important decision to change our name to Corl. We thank all our founding members for helping us get there.

Our team has been creating Corl while listening to feedback from our early access members as well as during our validation process, surveys, investor pitches, and live…

Over the years, marketers have been able to launch highly-targeted campaigns and track consumers as they transition from initial leads to long-term customers. How can you evaluate the success or failure of your sales and marketing campaigns? Are these campaigns worth the money you are putting into them? In this article, we will cover how to measure the Customer Acquisition Cost and why it is important for your SaaS business.

What is the Consumer Acquisition Cost?

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is a marketing metric used to determine the total cost of acquiring a customer in a subscription business.

Sam Kawtharani

FinTech Entrepreneur. VP of Product ​at​. Co-Founder & Former CEO ​at Corl​.io. Opinions are my own.

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