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Lizard Changing colours

We live in a world that loves buzzwords especially if you’ve had the “luxury” of being in the startup space. Buzzwords come and go, but if there is one word that’s going to survive this black swan event, it’s Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is now a question of survival.

You can quote me on it in a few years. The reason I am saying digital transformation is now a means of survival is that the aftermath of the current events will leave permanent changes to consumer behavior and their purchase journey.

Companies that reject adopting digital processes as part of their core business process are going to fail in meeting consumer’s expectations and quite frankly be forced out of business and die.

It might be worth taking some time to define what digital transformation is.

In simple terms, it’s delivering new and better value to customers digitally.

As companies leapfrog towards a digital-first mentality, I figured I’d share some “Zero to One” tips to kick-off that transformation:

For the love of God, DO NOT confuse digital transformation with cutting edge technology. No need for blockchain, AI, or any of the other buzzwords some consultant in the middle of nowhere recommended to you over LinkedIn.

  • Adopting a Growth Mindset is crucial to get this right. Start small and learn from your mistakes. Stay curious and hungry to learn.
  • If you have a budget and want to drive momentum, engage a digital transformation firm to help you navigate the digital landscape.
  • As I mentioned above, digital transformation is not about cutting edge technology, it’s a state of mind and most importantly it’s the people. The focus should always be on making your customer’s and employee’s experience better.

To sum it up, digital transformation is now a means of business survival. Companies that invested in digital are going to reap dividends a lot sooner than anyone had ever hoped for before the pandemic.

Disclaimer, I am a Director of Product Management at Intersect — a digital transformation agency. OPINIONS ARE MY OWN.

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