Wanted: UX Designer

We’re growing… hooray! And now we’re searching for the right person to lead the UX efforts across our web platform & future mobile app.

In this role you’ll have the power to define the overall experience of one of the world’s best online course providers and help to shape our brand.

We’re looking for someone who loves what they do.


  • who gets a real kick out of crafting simple and engaging user experiences.
  • who wants to work in a small, excited & very passionate team of technology enthusiasts.
  • who takes a lot of pride in what they put out, understanding that it will be used by thousands of people worldwide, every single day.
  • who cares about real-world feedback/analytics to drive improvement & optimisation.

About Us

Ephemeral is the engineering team of A Cloud Guru - the world’s leading provider of online AWS training. We’re a globally distributed team, which means it’s never safe to ‘@channel’ on slack — you’ll definitely wake someone up.

Within 1 year, over 60,000 engineers have used the A Cloud Guru platform to skill-up on AWS, and achieve their AWS certifications. We’re a globally recognized and loved brand with big plans this year. This is your chance to be on the ground floor of something pretty amazing.

Working With Us

A Cloud Guru is a small & distributed group with full time staff concentrated in Melbourne, Australia and London, United Kingdom. Beyond this, we have a network of supporting staff & instructors all over the world… Our customers are spread all over the world - across 117 countries.

Be Where You Want

Our engineering team — Ephemeral Pty Ltd — is based in Melbourne, Australia — so ideally we’re looking for someone based here too.

We’re an entirely online business... We don’t mind where you work from day-to-day. If you have an internet connection, laptop & coffee — you can work for us.

Want to work from home? From a co-working space? Want to move to another country for a while? No problem… as long as you are connected, available and doing awesome work, we don’t mind.

No Crazy Hours

No, seriously… Burn-out is bad for business. Your work has to be sustainable, and this matters to us. We have friends & families and we like to see them.

We generally work 40 hour weeks, although not always in solid 5x8 hour blocks — because of time-zone differences. Our Aussie staff have a night time meeting each week, but have time off during the day. Our work hours are flexible.

Take A Break!

You shouldn’t work 52 weeks a year, because you are a human being and there is actually life beyond work. That’s why we give employees 5 weeks of leave each year, and it doesn’t roll over (unless pre-agreed). You must take your leave because well-rested and well-rounded staff make better decisions ;-)

Helping People

This actually really matters… our business is about helping people. We help people learn new things, improve their careers, get ahead & build awesome stuff in the cloud. It’s a really great feeling, and a seriously motivating environment to work in. Love what you do each day and get a huge amount of satisfaction in helping others too.

Role & Pay

We’re looking for someone who can dedicate themselves to us full-time because we’ve got a lot to do!

We pay commensurate with experience and we make sure you’re looked after.

  • If you work from home then we’ll cover your home internet connection.
  • If you want to work from a co-working space, we’ll sort it.
  • You should be an avid user of the latest smartphone — so we cover your mobile phone plan.
  • Want to work from London for a little while & check it out? You can have free accomodation at our company flat in Twickenham ;-)

Grow Professionally

Your skills matter. We strive to hire people at the top of their game and we want to keep them there. Hey, it’s kind of what we do — we’re a training provider! We’ll make every effort to give you to time & resources to stay up to date and improve your skills.


This is the boring part of the job spec where we list a huge number of bullet points, describing the perfect unobtainable candidate who doesn’t actually exist.

No, we’re not going to do it. What we’re looking for can be summarised pretty briefly:

  • Experience designing simple & elegant web-site/app experiences. A portfolio of work we can look at. We know what we like, and know it when we see it.
  • Experience in wire-framing/prototyping user journeys and interactions, with examples you can show us. We want to see that you can empathise with users and understand how to make things simpler for them.
  • Experience working closely with an engineering team, to create tight feedback loops & streamline implementations.
  • A keen interest in experimentation, analytics & metrics, to measure results, perform optimisation & drive future decision-making.

Bonus points for someone who is:

  • handy with photoshop, and able to make things pretty
  • Understands a little CSS, HTML, JS

You’ll be likely be stronger & more experienced with some of these things than others. We’re purposely not specifying an exact mix of skills, because everyone is different and we want to find the person who feels right.

How To Apply

Simple! Say hi: sam@ephemeral.team — and send your CV / portfolio.

Include everything that will give us a picture of what you’ve done in the past… Your portfolio, online accounts… etc.

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