Wake up to Reality or Wake up with Trump
Robert Loch

Hi Robert. Fully agree Clinton campaigning will only fan the flames for Trump to gain more voters but Clinton won’t do as you say and sadly I fear we will wake up to President Trump.

This election is America’s Brexit. — close the borders, bring manufacturing home to create jobs, retreat from the global stage and if in doubt blame immigrants for all the problems.

Brexit voters may have been labelled by many as racists suffering white fear from mass immigration but I think for many they didn’t vote leave or remain solely regarding the EU, instead many took the vote to mean — keep the awful status quo with no jobs and poor prospects (remain) or change to anything else because it can’t be as bad (leave).

Many Brexit voters felt disenfranchised and left behind by the liberal mainstream elite and Trump supporters are feeling the same and the only question is are there more of these disaffected people than Clinton supporters who may also be split, especially if some Sanders voters choose to abstain.

In reality the bigger problem is the Digital Revolution which is creating more Trump/Farage voters because blue collar work is being lost/repalced by AI/Robots and even some white collar work. In a world where we will need less (unskilled/manual) humans, there will be more people left behind and angry.

We need to find a solution but I have no idea how you create meaningful jobs for this vast majority. There is talk of creating a living wage much like the pension of the 1930’s depression addressed the need to get old people out of work. The living wage would be paid to all adults out of work not only over 65.

Let’s hope Clinton gets in to the White House but the problem of the Digital Revolution and its effect on human welfare however still needs to be addressed. #digitaldivide

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