How to have someone else pay your bills?

by Sam Kwak

It’s January 25th! Some of your bills may be due today or in about few weeks… Doesn’t it feel like your paycheck just gets vacuumed out of your bank account because of all the bills and credit card payments you gotta make? Sucks doesn’t it?

What if I told you that I have someone else paying my bills every month? No, I don’t rob people’s bank accounts! Haha! Here’s what I figured out… My mentors taught me how to find and buy rental properties without my own money or credit. They also taught me how to find the right tenants for my properties. A particular rental property that I bought (not using my own money or credit) is now making me an extra $1,300 a month without ever having to put an extra hour or time into my work schedule. So, did I have to clock in or clock out? No… I have tenants go to work and come back to pay me rent on the 1st of each month.

That $1,300 a month pays for my gas bill, electric bill, water bill, my internet bill, car insurance, phone bill, and my credit card payments. Keep in mind, that’s just ONE rental property that I added into my life. This week, I’m about to purchase 4 more rental properties. That’s going to now cover my student loan payments, groceries, gas for my car, and dining out. That’s 5 rental properties covering my entire life expenses. Can you imagine having 10? 20? or even 50 rental properties? What’s also great is that my rental properties are managed by a licensed property manager who rarely bothers me with problems. I probably spend a good 1–2 hours a week checking with my manager to see if everything is alright. That’s it!

So! I want to introduce you to my mentors and the classes I took to get where I am now. It took me about 2 years to get decent at it. If you would like me to show you how and where to start, message me or simply email me at!