Initial Findings — Image Repair

By: Sam Landes

Our image repair paper requires a ton of research. Research can be fun but sometimes it can be extremely aggravating and difficult to find exactly what we are looking for. With our situation it was a bit of both.

We found that Colin Kaepernick used his social media platforms to repair his image and reach out to the public on what he stands for. He used Twitter mainly to help his case but used Instagram as well.

Above are screenshots that we have gathered for our paper. The first describes Kaepernick’s image repair tactics and how he used each strategy. The second is an Instagram post during the peak of his kneeling crisis. Like many of his social media posts he gathers a lot of responses from the audeince. Some of it can be criticism but a lot of the responses were good feedback.

Video by: CBS SF Bay Area

Above is a video of reactions from fans about his protest. Kaepernick gained some major backlash from fans. People did not appreciate what he had to say and did not respect his actions. He definietly had supporters who joined in his protest though and were behind him all the way.

Our group has gathered plenty of information to help us complete our paper. We have much more to go but feel good with where we are at.